Keno game is similar to bingo and lotto in the sense that it's a game of chance in which a player has to predict numbers drawn during each game round. Apart from being overly attractive, Keno features unique graphics. Visit to learn more about online casinos.

Amaterasu Keno Game

Amaterasu Keno game results from a mixture of the colorful Japanese culture with Keno's classic numbers game. This brand new Keno game offers you a chance to enjoy your preferred game in a highly-appealing and beautiful gameplay surrounding. Using the Last Number Rule, you can win free games.

Amaterasu Keno game features a win multiplier that is primarily defined according to the rules of free games feature and lucky number feature. Each game round's aim is to get a winning combination. Usually, this is the highest number of hits that a player makes.


Super Keno Game

You will be wrong to think that there are just a handful of ways to play Keno. Judging by the plethora of games that are constantly being churned out by the ever enterprising and ever-inventive developers, you'll admit that the Super Keno game has a lot to offer.

This game's design depicts a classic video cabinet, the type that you would only find in bookmakers, an amusement arcade, or a bingo hall. Even though its appeal is currently virtually universal, Super Keno's origin lies in Asia. The game has also gone down a storm in Australia.

Grand National Keno

Grand National Keno is an amazing variation of Keno game that comes with 40 numbers on a board. It primarily invites a player to the track so that they can enjoy a horse-racing Keno adventure. Each of its horses bears a number representing the winning spots on the Keno board.

The Grand National Keno gives a player random options. By default, it features eight numbers randomly pre-selected. Gamblers of all persuasions will at least enjoy the many flexible options of the game. There is no doubt that Grand National Keno's theme is the big draw of the game.

Power Keno Game

With Power Keno, a player has a chance of multiplying their winnings by four, with the last ball called. The game uses a number pot with digits between 1 and 80 and playing spots. Twenty numbers are drawn in each round. You can bet a maximum of 10 numbers.

Power Keno's game rules are similar to those of a regular Keno. The only significant difference is in the case whereby a player catches the 20th ball drawn. In this instance, any winning is quadrupled. The game randomly chooses 20 numbers from the range of 1 to 80.

Instant Keno 40 Ball

Instant Keno 40 Ball is a unique variation of Keno. It's loved for its exciting nature. Before choosing to play for real money, this lucrative game allows you to play absolutely for free upon signing up. Later on, you can choose a bet value from as low as 0.25.

Instant Keno 40 Ball comes from Betsoft which is one of the leading gaming software providers. Although it was barely launched in 2015, the game has grown tremendously and has since been played millions of times by various gamblers and enthusiastic players across the globe. Its rules are quite simple.